Snack Boxes - July 6-10, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A couple of friends have shown interest in the snacks I send with TheBoy to preschool (now summer camp), so I took this opportunity to take pictures of the snacks I pack him every morning. We usually grocery shop on Sunday and I always try to buy fruits that are in season and on sale. I also attempt to pack TheBoy at least three of the four food groups (fruits and vegs, grains, milk & meats) in each snack box. 

Right now, he has one main nutritional snack break so I pack a lot of food just in case he is hungry. When he starts JK in September, he will have one snack break in the morning and then lunch. Thus, his snacks won't be nearly as big as they are now, but his lunches will most likely be bigger.

Anyway, onto the pictures of TheBoy's First Week of Summer Camp snack boxes:

A gala apple, red grapes, dried blueberries (in the rainbow snack box), 
sliced garlic sausage and a Babybel cheese (with an N cut out)

A gala apple, strawberries, sliced cucumber, 
dried mangoes (in the rainbow snack box) and grilled chicken strips 

Strawberries, red grapes, Babybel cheese (with a heart cutout), 
dried blueberries (in the rainbow snack box) and sliced turkey sausage

Strawberries, ham rollups, 
Babybel cheese and some garlic bagel bites

Strawberries, cheese circles, garlic bagel bites, 
goldfish ( in the rainbow snack box), and sliced turkey sausage. 

To be honest, my snack boxes aren't as diverse as I would like them to be.  TheBoy is quite the picky eater so I tend to pack his favourite foods (and when he has a favourite "something", he'll want to eat it day after day after day.)  He's also a super SLOW eater, so I'm not sure what'll happen when JK rolls around... LittlePeanut, on the other hand, is open to trying new foods and isn't nearly as picky as his older brother.  I'm excited to pack him school lunches as I know I'll be able to dive in and get super creative with his snacks and lunches.  At least I hope so!

So there it is, our first week of camp, in snack boxes! :) 

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